The World’s 10 Most Thrilling Bungee Jump Destinations


1. The Pipeline Bungee, New Zealand

This is the place where it all begins. The Pipeline Bungee of New Zealand is the brainchild of bungee pioneer A.J. Hackett. It’s the world’s first commercial bungee jump and is also the most popular bungee site. The Kawarau Suspension Bridge of Queenstown offers leaps over the Kawarau River at an amassed height of 141 feet. It takes 20 minutes to drive from Queenstown to this jumping site. It is here A.J. Hackett and Henry Van Asch first demonstrated the art of bungee jumping to the locals of Queenstown in 1988. Over 25 years have passed since then and the site remains the world’s most beloved bungee jump. Many people wishing to make that first jump, do it here if possible. Thousands of bungee enthusiasts make the trek to New Zealand every year to learn their very first lessons of the art of bungee jumping. For those followers of this extreme sport and those to come, they will be eternally thankful to A.J. Hackett for making their life an open casting call to feel free, to feel brave, and live in a moment on the jumper’s edge. This niche in extreme adventures has taken millions to a courageous place inside the human spirit, and will continue, as the thrill seekers scout the world for a place to fly.

The Pipeline Bungee, New Zealand

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