8 Most Dangerous Cliff Jumps in the World

8 Most Dangerous Cliff Jumps in the World

Cliff jumping is a spectacular and often dangerous past time that involves leaping off giant cliffs into the ocean or other body of water. A sport born in Hawaii, it has gained popularity over time both for spectators and participants. Some locations are more dangerous than others and the most dangerous ones often are also the most spectacular. Following are eight of the most dangerous and beautiful cliff jumping locations in the world ranging from the tropical beaches of Mexico to crystal clear pools of water in Switzerland.

1. Acapulco

Cliff diving has been a tradition in Acapulco since the forties and it is currently one of the most famous cliff jumping locations in the world. The jump is off a 45 foot cliff into the ocean. Divers must consider the wind and the timing of the ocean waves to hit the water when there is at least four and a half meters of water covering the jagged bottom. Cliff divers can be watched by paying an entrance fee to gain access to a viewing platform.

Acapulco, Mexico Cliff Diving

2. Kaunolu

Located on the southern end of the Lanai island in Hawaii, a location often credited with the birth of the sport of cliff diving, the Kaunolu cliff jump is a 82 foot drop into the ocean. Called Kehekili’s Leap, native warriors would perform the dive to show their bravery in this sacred spot. In 2002, it was also the home of the third annual Red Bull Cliff Diving event.

Kaunolu Cliff Diving
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