Common Mistakes Women Make When Traveling Alone


2. Partying Too Hard

We’re not trying to be party-poopers, but when you are traveling alone as a woman, it’s not generally a smart decision to go out and party hard. Even if you go out with people you’ve met while traveling and who seem nice, it remains that you don’t truly know them or their intentions. Being too inebriated with people you can’t trust can be a dangerous thing without another trusted friend to watch your back, so you’re better off to limit yourself to a drink or two. You should always be sober enough to have your own back. Being drunk can also get you lost in a city you don’t know your way around, which is never a great idea. Additionally, public intoxication can result in a huge variety of fines and punishments depending on where you’re traveling, with some consequences being far more serious than others!

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