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The 10 Safest (and Coolest) Cities for Women to Travel Alone

It can be incredibly dangerous for a woman to travel alone. Every year we hear news about sexual assaults on women who have been vacationing. It’s not only the physical attacks that make traveling alone as a female dangerous. Some places will try and take advantage of the lone traveler, charging them more money than other people. Hotel room theft and pickpocketing are also easier if the person is alone.

There are many places in the world where it may be unsafe for a woman to travel alone. Consider all the aspects of the trip – Will you be walking alone at night? Will you have a tour guide or be exploring the city on your own? Do you have friends or family there that can provide safety when you need it?

We came up with a list of 10 cities where women should be safe travelling alone. Anyone traveling to a new city should be knowledgeable about the dangers and how to get help if they need it. To choose the cities, we looked at the rights and wages of women in the particular countries, along with crimes against women statistics.

Here are our top picks for cities to visit if you are a lone female traveler.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and is its largest city with almost two million people in its metropolitan area. This busy city sports beautiful architecture and renowned shopping. Be sure to see the goddess Gefjun fountain, which tells the mythological story of how Denmark was created. Stop by at night, where the fountain lights up with a blue glow, alluding to the magic in the Norse religious history.

Copenhagan, Denmark


  • AmyM

    While these places may have a degree of safety and are welcoming to single females, it should be said that no place is truly safe for a single female if you do not act sensibly. I have been attacked in Auckland, NZ. Some areas are not well lit late at night and a single female would be wise to stay in areas that are populated, whereas I very quickly found myself on a deserted main road right in the centre of town. I would not describe Perth, especially Fremantle area, to be a particularly safe place either. One should never surf alone, especially in dangerous surf areas, like the coast of WA. I have a female friend who was mugged in Portugal. Admittedly it was in Lisbon, but presumably you have to travel through this big city to get to the outlying areas. In all countries, extra vigilance is needed if you are on your own and hitch-hiking should be avoided. The most dangerous place I have come across is Jakarta, followed closely by Bali. The safest place I have been to would be Fuerteventura and Lanzarote,

  • AAA

    Setúbal and Marseille no way. You should check the facts before writing these articles

  • eleni_aus

    amazing isn’t it that it is the safer cities are those of the more equal societies of Scandinavia …

    • Muhammad Abbass

      Not at all, since this criteria of equality (not actual violence statistics) was the basis of the selection.

      A glance at the comments by informed readers will make that obvious.

      • eleni_aus

        You are correct. Thank you for returning me to the article for a closer read .. Have left a more detailed comment elsewhere in response to you earlier comments. It really was a very shallow article with little reference to actual and estimated figures on violence against women in the respective countries and confounded by includsion of ‘rights’ and ‘income’ of women …

        • Muhammad Abbass

          It is a very shallow article and it draws some erroneous and misleading conclusions. In my experience, nothing quite replaces experience and I have quite a bit of it. I recall the first time I travelled to Dubai, with my Danish backpacker girlfriend, in her shorts and tank top and how very intimidated and frightened we felt. For years were were convinced we had barely escaped alive and that she was in immense danger.

          The last time I went through Dubai, was as a Muslim and with my Muslim wife. Even though my wife was not wearing hijab we never felt intimidated or uncomfortable for a moment. We recognised the black clad women as sisters and they were no more frightening to us than any other person indeed less so since we knew they must be pious women and we knew we were in a society ruled by the strictest standards of respectful treatment of women and travellers among other things. Even normally arrogant security persons behave correctly to all women we realised, yet seen from my ignorant perspective I saw disrespect and hostility formerly. We felt as safe at any time of day or night as we have ever felt anywhere in the world as far as attacks from individuals was concerned. Seeing the same place with experienced eyes compared to the novice gaze of the stranger was the only difference. People are the same everywhere, although they have different cultures and traditions. Despite a sickening and false self congratulatory attitude in the West, Western countries do not have a monopoly on or even lead the world in respect for women. In theory at least Islamic countries have this, and where Islam has not been grafted onto a backwards culture which still has a long way to go in this respect, the superior treatment of women in Islam is profound.

          I say this as a baby boomer whose mates growing up included Bon Scott’s school mates and was I rocking to AC/DC and Black Sabbath before you probably ever heard of Ozzy Osbourne. I’ve lived in Northern Europe and South East Asia and travelled in South Asia and the Middle East. I converted to Islam, as did my old mate Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens one time) after a lifetime of searching for the truth of a loving and merciful God led me here. The disconnect between what they tell you in school and the Corpse Media news and reality equals an alternative universe.

          • Moana

            What about Hongkong, women can do
            their shopping till midnight and nothing to worry about. I find that is one of the safest city in the world. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • Brad Whitley

    Malmö? What!?! Malmö, Sweden, has a 30% muslim population and related to that, a rape crisis facing the female non-muslim population. I wouldn’t let my daughter travel there for anything.

    • dermutt

      don’t blame it all on the pesky Muslims, white Scandinavians are capable of behaving badly.

      • hisdudenessishere

        Ever been to a Muslim country or one that has a high majority of Muslims?! Worst countries on the planet. They are evil people who care for nothing but their own kind and destroying everything else. They would rape and kill a white chick without a second thought!

        • Natalie Freke

          This comment is so uneducated it’s almost laughable.

          • RonW

            ROTFLMAO at you – go take a walk around the ‘best’ parts of Malmö after dark…

          • Muhammad Abbass

            You represent the difference between people who actually know from experience (such as myself) and those who merely read some biased stories and think they have a clue. Truth be known, your kind is usually the sort from which violence to travellers arises. Ignorant bigot.

        • drapedrape

          I’ll be sure to remember that the next time my girlfriend and I are walking around the back alleys of Cairo, Amman, or Beirut at 3 o’clock in the morning and making local friends without a care in the world. Something I wouldn’t, by the way, recommend doing in Marseille or most American cities. How’s the view from under your bed?

        • Shmizz

          hisdudenessishere; surely living in your little world of hate and racism must get lonely? get a clue. you know nothing about Muslims

          • RonW

            Clearly you know nothing about the practicalities of actually _living_ with muslims as a non-muslim.

          • Guest

            Yet the Jewish, Christian and other communities in even the Islamic Republic of Iran seem quite happy about living among Muslims. How odd. Even in Pakistan, the Christians who have always been protected and safe until recently, know it isn’t real Muslims who have recently attacked their Churches but CIA and RAW agents using ignorant and reactionary fools as pawns and attempting to sow hatred and distrust between different religions and sects.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          I am a Westerner and a Muslim convert and I travel to Muslim countries. The only ones which I find unsafe are the ones closely allied to the West, ie: Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. I feel safer and so does my Pakistani wife, in Lahore than I do in Perth, my home city.

          The truthful and undeniable fact is that it is Western armies and their proxies who are destroying and making war and murdering so many in Muslim lands. There is a large and safe population of Christians and “white people” including “chicks” in Pakistan and other Muslim cuntries, including Syria. Also Muslims don’t disrespect women by referring to them as “chicks”

          The danger to women and others n those countries is a direct consequence of the actions of YOUR government and intelligence agencies. Basically as someone who at fifty years old, a baby boomer and a white anglo celtic Aussie, who has travelled widely and now converted to Islam, I am in a position top call you are liar and a filthy bigot to boot. A hypocrite a fool and a tool for evil. Screw you boyo and enjoy your karma when it catches you up.

          • eleni_aus

            There is always a difference between occurrence of rape and reported rape … where society tends to view the victim as the cause of the problem (as it was also frequently viewed until comparatively recently in the west), under-reporting is common … the rape of 5 y/o, the rape and burial alive of a 13 y/o young woman and many more have all occurred in Pakistan. Police collusion in non-investigation or even participation has been reported in a number of instances. And certainly the ‘safe’ view of Pakistan for women is not one endorsed by Naeem Shakir, Advocate, Lahore High Court, Pakistan, in her 2004 article. She draws attention to sad estimates of sexual assaults on women and even young children, servants, bonded workers etc, and to the inadequacy of the response of the law to both the female victim and the male assailant. I take you point that the article on safest cities is seriously flawed by giving income a prominence and rights rather than the number of actual reported attacks per head and estimated attacks per head by response to survey figures (ie unofficial and usual substantially higher than the reported rapes – as is the case indeed in Australia). The figures can also be difficult to compare when non-penetrative activity, ‘attempted’ rape or is not distinguished from ‘rape’ (penetrative sexual intercourse or penetration with object). Some parts of Perth or elsewhere in Australia can clearly be dangerous, but it would be foolish to believe that Pakistan has not a problem … it is not just ‘tourists’ or colonisers that have created the problem; it should be recognised that the ideal respectful attitude to women in moderate Islam is not one universally upheld, nor, some might say, is ‘equal treatment’ before the law. The largest populous Muslim state is Indonesia and it too has a problem with the difference between reported and unreported levels of rape and domestic violence for example… and similar problems with bribeable police and police willing to take advantage of vulnerable women and girls … difficulty in accessing courts and justice.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            There is always a difference between reported and unreported rapes, exactly. That includes in the West and only a bigoted view would pretend it is any less. I don’t pay any attention to reports, I am someone who has experience and family in both places and am going by anecdotal evidence. There is a great deal of activism on behalf of women’s safety which goes on in Pakistan and as always the worst statistics and outlooks prevail when such activism (as you describe) is the order of the day.

            When statistics of rapes (surveys not reports) are examined then a higher incidence of rape is evident in Western societies where one in three women report having been raped in their lifetimes whilst such figures are astonishing to Eastern women. Of the women I know closely enough in the West to know they have been victims, one in three sounds about right. I have asked my wife’s family about their own circle in Pakistan which numbers many hundreds more women than I know in the West even and there are only two instances among them of rapes and one was by a spouse and the other a family friend. No doubt some have kept silent out of shame but not as many as you might want to believe.

            When incidences of rape are high, it is false to assert it is due to a religion just because that religion is dominant. The UN Multi-country Study on Men and Violence in Asia and the Pacific
            surveyed over 10,000 men at nine sites in six countries: Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Sri Lanka. The very high rate of rape in all those countries was in no way attributable or relative to the religios majority. Pretending such social illnesses are due to religion when they are clearly cultural is the sort of mushy thinking which never grasps the problems it attempts to attend to.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            You are correct that reported rapes are always far less than actual ones. However don’t assume that is any different in the West than the East. It is a well known problem here too. Whilst the greater shame and consequences (sometimes) for a victim in Pakistan, make no mistake that the shame is great among Western victims also. of the women I know who have been raped (westerners) NONE of them reported it. I am fifty and have been around and anecdotally I’d say one in six Western women have been or will be victims of rape in their lifetimes, which is in agreement with surveys I have read. Of the much larger sample of women known to my wife and her sisters and mother, only a very small percentage have been raped and in one case it was her husband (women have the right to refuse their husbands advances in Islam despite many ignorant assumptions otherwise) and the other it is assumed to be an uncle but they don’t know. Statistics like one in six, horrify Pakistani women as a matter of fact. What you need to realise is that in a Muslim society the opportunity for rape is almost zero. Women are escorted, never alone and certainly not in dangerous places. As for family sexual violence, since Muslim families are in general not the dysfunctional morass common to the West, it would be very hard for a man to get away with abusing his female relatives, since the females have a sort of bond and union which is seperate from the males and it tends to be self supporting.

            Of course there are failures. Certain backward areas in tribal regions have some old and unsavoury customs still but they are being constantly pressured by the government such as it is. What would be good was if the USA could stop playing Wars of Terror on their country and paying off the worst men in the country to be a p[uppet government more interested in helping the NATO drug trade out of Afghanistan run smoothly than the country whose people they are supposed to represent.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            The differences between reported and occurrences is indeed there and as someone who has lived and does live in both the West and the East, that it is so everywhere. We don’t rely on merely national statistics, since in all cases such things are open to manipulation. It’s easy for people like you who know nothing, to cherry pick anything you like from such sources. I rely on such well researched knowledge also but primarily on experience. I have the advantage of being much closer and more intimate in some ways with my wife and her sisters and mother for example than most Eastern men. As a Westerner and baby boomer I have far more knowledge of women’s issues for example than is normal in Muslim societies and have become somewhat of a go to brother in law for many personal things other men know nothing about due to my experience in general. This also allows me more access to anecdotal stuff not so widely spoken of outside women’s circles and whilst among the older women much is known which doesn’t make the legal reporting, usually the perpetrator ends up dead from a brother, father or uncle taking the law into his own hands. There is plenty of wickedness and perversion and whenever there is vulnerability there will be devilish men lurking seeking to take advantage.
            However Islam has made rules of conduct which if you had the mental capacity to confront new knowledge with an open mind would make it clear to you why your suggestion there is much hidden abuse of women going on, is pure fantasy. It simply isn’t possible. Most women in the West when young will be placed in many situations where they are vulnerable and where men with lustful natures can and often will take advantage. I know from anecdotal evidence of many decades of life in the West that the incidence of sexual abuse of Western women is extremely high over a life time. This is due to the prevalence of opportunity. Evil and darkness are always in some people, which is why Islam has rules designed to protect the vulnerable. The truth is few Muslim women do experience sexual violence compared to in the West, despite often living in far more misogynistic and violent societies. That is not because Muslim men are better, many are self evidently as bad as any man ever who lived when it comes to anything let alone how they treat women, it is because Islam in its wisdom made rules which protect our sisters, mothers and wives from the evil by shielding them from its attention and placing as many defensive barriers and responsible family members as possible between them and the wider society. Good Muslim families shelter their girls and allow them to grow safely and well prepared for life. When they have to enter society as women with all that entails they are prepared and ready hopefully and they could become so without having been prey to that society, without being openly accessible to it all along as they are in the West. The difference is undeniable. I would choose the upbringing of a good Muslim family for my daughters and sons over anything I have seen in my previous experience.
            You can scoff and snort like a dumb sheep all you like, I found the truth and was never happier or more sure of anything nor had more direct benefit from anything in my life than from Islam and it is anything but what dimwits like you have been conned into believing it is. I couldn’t care less what happens to you frankly, I answer you in the interests of truth and will let my words stand on their own merit. You can make some snarky bigoted comments now or call me names or invent persona’s and straw men for me as you’ve already begun, I’ll not be back so knock yourself boy.

          • eleni_aus

            Dear Mohammad, Whilst not a revert, I have been fortunate to have been welcomed into a number of Muslim homes (including that of an imam) and have cooked with and worked with Muslim women. It is readily observed that there are many Muslim families that treat their daughters exceptionally well and with all respect and seek to keep them safe from the polluting influence of much western material whilst ensuring that they are also well-educated and have the opportunity to pursue a career. We have gender segregated bathing times at pool and discreet clothing to allow exercise. Many families are careful, however, that their daughters do not enjoy the dubious freedoms that are nevertheless open to their sons. The best families, however, instruct (in accordance with Islam) and ensure that their sons are as moral as their daughters. Their eyes (nor hands) do not wander. Their speech is respectful. As an older woman (not a boy or a troll) I have been welcomed into full participation in conversation in the home; have enjoyed inclusion in Islamic Women’s Association functions for women and girls, and far from ridiculing devout religious practice, use the calls to prayer (themselves an echo of early monastic practice) to stimulate my own prayer life as a Christian. I have read the Quran more than once (in translation as I am not competent in Arabic) as well as modern commentary and some of the writings of the various traditional sources on the life of the Prophet. My friends would love me to become Muslim as much as I would love them to become Christian – we simply in the end ‘agree to disagree’ and know that each reaches a conclusion in accordance with their conscience and knowledge etc – we do not discontinue our correspondence or our working or social relationship. As all humanity is created by G_d, we seek to maintain a respectful and friendly relationship and certainly not one tarnished by name-calling etc. I do not invent personas or straw men (I do not know to whom you here refer) and nor am I a ‘troll’ (the word forwarded to me in the version via email) or a ‘boy’. But rather I wish you well with your family. Be assured that there has never been any intention to offend; in my work I have come across the ‘few’ as well as the many. The West has an atrocious history of violence against women – and today is here ‘white ribbon’ day, a day when men pledge not to violent themselves and to speak out if they observe any violence by others against women and girls. This does not mean to take the law into their own hands as vigilantes (where rumour may result in injury or death to the innocent) but rather it could mean that in their words and actions they discourage violence, stand up for right conduct towards women, and call police where it may be necessary if an assault is threatened and report to police breaches of the law. [One would hope this would also mean remove disrespectful and violent images etc from computers etc.] As a good Muslim husband and father, this campaign – like that of the Noor campaign by the Voice of Libyan Women in Libya – is one that you would wholeheartedly support. Again, please accept my best wishes for you and your family.

          • Julieanne

            Eleni was speaking quietly and respectfully, yet you think its ok to answer her in an abusive manner? You say that Muslims respect woman and treat them well etc yet you just showed the truth in your DISREPECTFUL way you answered her. It was a barrage of abuse, nothing more. Spoken like a true Muslim I’d say.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            As a matter of fact, you too are being hasty in your judgements. I was unecessarily abrasive to Aleni on reflection but I was actually mistaken in my own hasty assumption I was dealing with the same person as the ones above I first was replying to. In their case the ignorance and attitudes displayed in their comments do not deserve better. The fact I ended my comment referring to Eleni as a male, would tend to support this contention in case you are inclined to doubt it. Thus I will be apologising to her on these grounds but it doesn’t alter the truth of what I wrote. Nothing about my hasty error was specifically indicative of my religion but assuming it was implies your own bigotry on the matter I would point out. Others may forgive my resort to an ironic rejoinder in parting, ‘Spoken like a true bigot I’d say”

          • Julieanne

            Apologies to all decent Muslims. On my own reflection I was too hasty to judge all Muslims as the same. I’ll rephrase my parting shot to you – “Spoken like a true overbearing, hot-headed dickwad.”
            Again – apologies to all the DECENT Muslims out there…

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Too bad you blew it with the gratuitious insult, I’d even have let hot headed go, even though I self evidently am quite controlled, compared to thyself. Up until then I was smiling and actually agreeing with you. It kind of goes with the territory. I’m an Aries and we tend to be arrogant and self assured. Being an Aussie is probably what makes me a good sport which is why I’d prefer not to respond in kind this time. As they say, wrestling in the mud with pigs gets you both dirty, with the difference being that the pig enjoys it.

          • FRANK SPENCER

            Converts are always the worst kind of fanatics and you are no different.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            I see. So that is why I am no less tolerant of homosexuals than any old baby boomer from the west should be despite being Muslim? It’s why I talked my wife out of wearing Hijab in the West since it tends to attract more attention in a society where if men want to look at unclad women they have plenty of options so ignore modestly dressed women who don’t stand out more? I suppose that’s why I oppose those insane Wahhabi freaks and misled Sunnis who are despoiling the image of Islam and destroying the Muslim world from within on behalf of their and all mankind’s arch enemy (oh and by means of direct aid and encouragment from your best friends in the Middle East? and why I have always opposed both the violent and indiscriminate terrorism and most suicide bombings which is a Sunni habit never Shia as it happens and and why I oppose the wars based on lies which is what feeds the hatred and anger of so many Muslims quite rightly as it also happens. You daft clown.

            You and your dimwitted buddies are the sort of ignorant, easily fooled flag waving bigots who have brought the USA and the West in general into its present precarious state facing collapse on financial, moral and social fronts by vehicle of being so. Your bovine stupidity and dog in a manger belligerance have kept the small minority of elitists who misuse the system to steer stupid societies in power. You are the lack of good men which leads to tyrrany. Fearful as you are belligerant, arrogant and self assured as you are misinformed and ignorant. You are what I reject most in our Western society and why despite its flaws, I find even the relatively intolerant and class cosncious Islam of Pakistani society to be far more wholesome and safe than Western society in general.

            Unlike you and your buddies; who are more or less irellevant beyond your general flock mentality so personalities become meaningless even, I have long term personal experience in both sides so I know what I’m talking about too.

          • JD101

            You Sir, are correct! That being said, what goes around comes around I suppose. The USA is bankrupting itself for the benefit of a few and I just hope WW3 doesn’t break out once the well runs dry.

          • baiji

            You are so right Muhammad!

        • baiji

          I have been to many Muslim countries, and lived in Saudi for nine years. They are not the worst countries on the planet. On the contrary, I experienced such warm hospitality in all of them that could shame some western ways., i.e. Oman, Egypt, UAE, Syria. I know, I lived with them, most of them are good people. It is the bad apples that sadly make people jump to the wrong conclusion that they are all like that. My opinion: It is the western influence that is tainting them. BTW: I am a white female.

          • DehliaLopez

            As a college student I befriended many men and women from Muslim countries that were friendly, nice, and kind. While I did not say they all were, those from Kuwait, Iran, Egypt, Oman, UAE and Syria were kind to me and helped me a lot through the four years I was a student in college. My study groups took a while to get used to but eventually in time, I was just another student studying for an exam. There are on the other hand many other students I never met who were not friendly, were rude, and not nice or kind at all no matter who you were in any Engineering class. It just depends on the individual I guess. My sole use was to study so I only associated with those I conversed in class or took courses with, the others or friends they had, while I may have been pleasant I never rocked the boat of assuming these individuals were personal friends.

        • baiji

          You sound like you are describing many Americans above. Look what they are doing to the environment. There are good and bad people everywhere in the world. I have travelled a lot, I take it you have not. You have to take your manners and respect with you.

      • RonW

        The rape statistics have skyrocketed in the last ten years. Any guess why?
        No, thought not – your head is in the sand…

        • Muhammad Abbass

          Here’s my guess, little man. Because your violence and war mongering have made the world a more brutal place and what you export in evil, tends to come home to roost eventually. Have a look at the statistics of rape and murder by Western troops of people in the countries those Muslims are fleeing why don’t you and maybe hang your head in shame.

      • carla

        No 98% of assaults on women are by immigrants.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      Yet it is those non Muslim Swedes who make life so dangerous for women in other places like Thailand and Cambodia in my experience. Oh and thirty years ago I had to defend my fiance from an attempted rape by couple of Frenchmen whilst on the Island of Koh Samui. Not to mention any nation which sends troops to Muslim countries to kill Muslims can hardly be let off scot free on the violence and rape scale now can they? Damned one eyed bigots disgust me.


        What so only foreigners are fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan? That would be news to the Afghanis I know. Who has the one eye?

  • celimene grant

    Stop infantilizing travelers. Traveling is a risk you have
    to be willing to accept. As a female multiethnic traveler I am extremely
    offended by the sexist and prejudiced tone of this article. Seriously, only
    Scandinavian and western cities (predominantly Caucasian) qualify as ‘safe’? I
    have been traveling with my family since birth, and in all continents, and as
    an adult, I travel solo very often. Being alert has nothing to do with gender.
    If one wants to be safe, they should not travel! I am amazed as how poorly
    prepared and open-minded some tourists are. Embrace the culture, get to know
    the locals, discover their way of life, and you will be safer.

    • Shmizz

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. This article is a crock of sh*t and the writer has the mindset of a woman living in the early 1900′s. It’s sad that instead of using her voice as a writer she chooses to spread her ignorance.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      Ameen and well said.

    • DehliaLopez

      My thoughts exactly. In the military we have traveled all over the world; while one place may appear to be safe for one person it does not mean it will be for the next person. Traveling anywhere whether over seas, Asia, Europe, or the US, an individual is on their own and must be prepared for anything. Time has changed the way we travel and what once was safe is not necessarily from one day to the next. Let’s get real here people, traveling anywhere male or female can be dangerous, more so when you are careless, and not staying abreast of your surroundings.

  • Gaz

    Auckland is great just take your mouthguard for downtown on Saturday nights

  • Alex G

    Yeah, probably wouldn’t recommend Sweden as “safe” for solo white women. It’s about as safe as Morocco – not to say that it’s dangerous, but definitely not as safe as Ottawa.

  • dermutt

    Setubal and Marseille?, what a ludicrous article, by the way just because something’s in Scandinavia it doesn’t automatically make it “good”,( a mistake that American liberals constantly make) perhaps you should do a bit more research on Malmo.

  • Mona Macleod

    I live ‘across the river’ from safe old Ottawa where they roll up the streets around 10 p.m. so I’m not sure if one can call it a ‘cool’ city.

    • Marguerite Tennier

      Ottawa is good and while bars are not open until 2 in the morning like across the river, it has theatres and the Art center and many music festivals.

    • danhunt

      You can always go to Hull, Quebec. Just for an evening.

  • Natalie Freke

    Have you ever been to these places? You managed to chose some of the blandest albeit expensive places in the world. I would rather spend my cash in more radical places (alone) than hanging out in Vigeland park (alone). Yawn!

  • Ming the Merciless

    Sure, Muslims are beasts and there is far too many of the worst in Marseille or Malmo…but not that many in Rome and there you have one of the worst in the world…these roving gangs of scooters on the ultra wide sidewalks are a public menace and a lone young woman is in definite peril there. A curly blonde is guaranteed an attack.
    Someone said Cairo safe? Are you kidding?

    • Muhammad Abbass

      What an ignorant and ironic comment, based as it is no doubt upon pure disinformation and bigotry.

      I’m a Muslim convert, a Perth Australia boy and have visited most cities on this list. I also spend time in Muslim countries. The endless selective propaganda you are fed in a controlled media aside, the fact is that individual crimes against people and especially women are not higher in any society merely because it is Muslim. There are unfortunately some backwards societies onto which Islam has been grafted and their backwards ways are often falsely mis-credited to Islam. Such as honour killings in Paksistan, which happen to be a cultural artifact common to the Hindu Indians too but which is actually forbidden in Islam which is why it is less common in Pakistan than India. Female circumcision is an African custom, forbidden in Islam. Also rapes of women are VERY common, even to being an epidemic in India, whilst rapes of women are VERY rare in Pakistan. Indeed the rate of rapes and assaults on people is higher in my country of Australia than my wife’s country of Pakistan.

      The majority of the serious violence on a large scale in Muslim countries is a direct result of the actions of your armies and intelligence agencies. The very worst Muslim countries for the secirty of women are those Wahhabi ones like Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, who just happen to exist entirely on the pasis of Western patronage. The safest ones for women, were Iraq and Libya. Those are now both destroyed and not safe for anybody… Thanks directly to the wars and terrorism of the USA and allies.

  • collardgreen

    Why are these places safer for women to visit? Not a word of explanation.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      They do give the reasons for selecting them actually. Best re-read the article (or read it) However the reasons given are poor, since frankly wages and women’s rights do not necessarily indicate women are safer. I live in Perth and have lived in Denmark and am surprised to see either Perth or Copenhagen selected over many other cities I have been.

      My wife is Pakistani and was safer in her city of Lahore at night than she is in our city of Perth in some areas that’s for sure.

  • Mainlander

    Malmo? Marseille? You oughta do a little more research on these 2 cities.

  • Hiroshi Ando

    I think almost of this list are very rural. Why don’t you come to Tokyo or Kyoto, Japan. Young lady walks alone even in the midnight without a Doberman on downtown or on suburbs in Japan. We always welcome you with O-MO-TE-NA-SI.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      Rural? Best get yourself a dictionary there Hiroshi. I would also suggest that catching hot particles from the Fukushima death star just down the road as the crow (and Plutonium) flies would be a better reason to avoid Tokyo even than the generally misogynistic male population.

    • danhunt

      No, they’re no rural. Read. They are cities with the possible exception of the Hawaii one. Nevertheless, they’re not Tokyo nor Osaka, either.

      And, yes, these lists are often fabrications to some degree. Right now no list will include Japan because of Fukishima.

  • WatchingFromOverThere

    Hiroshi Ando is right. Japanese cities are not crime-free, but compared to just about any city in North America or Western Europe, they’re very safe. They offer a non-Western adventure in a safe and clean environment. (And if you’re a ninny about radiation, you can go to Kyoto and other cities in western Japan, which was totally unaffected by either the earthquake or the tsunami or the cloud of radiation.) I also traveled to Taiwan on my own and never felt threatened.

  • Mickey Oberman

    This list may have been accurate 15 or 20,years ago before the Muslim invasions.
    Today your life is at risk in at least half of them particularly if you are a woman or are Jewish.
    Your information is false and misleading and could lead to injury, rape or death of those who follow your advice.

    I suggest a quick retraction in very large letters.

    Mickey Oberman

  • Muddy Waters

    Auckland? You have to be kidding !! On a tour there with a group of twenty, every person was stolen from or assaulted.We had stuff stolen from our rooms by motel staff and one idiot actually wore a shirt he stole to work the next day but Police refused to charge him as the complainant didn’t have a photo of the shirt to prove it.It was a club shirt from Australia. Two people were mugged at an ATM and were laughed at by Police when taking the complaint.One said, “Well that should teach you Aussie’s a lesson” . We will never go back again.Three of the group were assaulted without warning by staff at a hotel when they walked straight into an unmanned door at a Pub.Apparently they were supposed to wait there to be admitted but the Security person was in the toilet.This list is a joke

    • Julieanne

      I’m so sorry you had such a crappy time in Auckland. Your group does seem to have had more than its share of trouble whilst there. Next time come to Wellington – a much better city in all ways!

      • Muddy Waters

        No thanks but thank you for your reply. We will never go to New Zealand ever again.

        • Julieanne

          Well I can’t say I blame you if your experience was as bad as you said. That makes me feel really sad that my country treated guests in such a crappy way. I’ve done a lot of travelling and consequently met a great many people who have come to visit me here and they have all had a fantastic time and can’t get over how lovely and friendly kiwi’s are, so to hear of YOUR trip makes me really perplexed. Auckland isn’t really like the rest of New Zealand, they tend to think of themselves as better than the rest of us and meanwhile the rest of NZ thinks Aucklanders are tossers for the most part! LIke I said, on behalf of New Zealand I’d like to deeply apologise for the crappy time you had. Not good enough! The police for a start should have known better.

          • Muddy Waters

            Thank you Julianne, I sincerely wish I has ran into you rather than the people I did.You seem to be a lovely , caring person and a credit to your country

          • Ramage

            Just because she believes your fairy tales. Stay ion OZ and fix up your own boozy culture where it is not safe for anyone to be on the streets without risking being punched out.

          • Muddy Waters

            And that is exactly the attitude I got from the New Zealand police, which Station are you based at Cuntstable? No doubt you couldn’t walk through the streets in Australia without risking your head being knocked off but that cause you are an arrogant wanker.

          • Muddy Waters

            I am amazed at the attitude of Ramage.There are NO fairy tales being told you racist prick.This is exactly what we came across in the hole you call Auckland,.What we should have done was gone to the newspapers instead of relying on the honesty and integrity of both hotel management and the Police. Maybe I have been spoiled by the fact that I have never been treated with such complacency by so-called professionals .If your attitude is typical of New Zealanders no wonder they are leaving in droves.What an arrogant piece of trash you are.Twenty out of twenty in our party were subject to thieves and assaults and you try and deny you have a problem.Good luck with attracting tourists while in denial.Idiot.

          • Ramage

            Julieanne, please don’t get sucked in by this dribble stop and think. NZ relies on Tourism and if a party of 20 had this many problems it would have hit the news from North Cape to the Bluff. Muddy Waters is just a whinging Oz who hates NZ and wishes to denigrate it by telling these fairy stories. Truth be known maybe 2 of the party were robbed and this has been turned int them all having trouble. Come on the NZ police whilst not perfect would not behave in this way when the name of our country is brought into disrepute.
            Finally your comment about thinking Aucklanders are tossers is the kind of dribble that tells me you would willingly believe this nonsense. So you think all Aucklanders are tossers does that include the many people who live there have moved there for employment to give a decent life for their families? I don’t live in Auckland but certainly don’t think they are tossers. Seems you are willing to believe the over the top claims by a whining Oz because of your own prejudices about Aucklanders. Your apologies are worthless and your own words leave us with an impression you are a bit simple.

          • Julieanne

            Leave “us”? Who is “us”? You mean YOU don’t you Ramage? My comments make YOU believe I’m a “bit simple”. If you are going to make a comment then at least have the balls to own it and not convert to that old tired trick of using the “us” card as if all sorts of people were agreeing with you. Unless you are using the royal we?
            I think you are the kind of arsehole that Muddy Waters came across and if so no wonder the poor bloke had such a miserable time. Undoubtedly his tale is exaggerated somewhat but the point is he had a bloody awful time of it here. As I said in my reply ( if you had bothered to read it properly ) everyone I know who has visited NZ has had a wonderful time but there is always going to be people that don’t. He is stating HIS personal experience – of which he is allowed to – and YOUR angry and malicious replies only feed the impression he already has of us. Oh the irony. Go look that word up as I think YOU come across as a very angry person and indeed an uneducated one. As for me being simple, my masters Degree says otherwise.

        • Ramage

          Great we don’t need you.

    • Louis Thorndon

      I have spent a lot of time in New Zealand and have never encountered any problems at all in terms of personal security and theft. I do think though that Australians often have problems there, because the Australian culture is working class and New Zealand is a middle class country. New Zealand Police I have always found to be respectful and helpful, but I would not be at all surprised if ordinary Aussies were thought to be little better than common criminals themselves.

      • Muddy Waters

        Your reply is nothing but disrespectful to Australians.I am happy you haven’t had security problems in NZ but I have and applied to the discussion what happened to me because of thieves not working, middle or upper class thieves. Your reply is implying that the victims were at fault and you are really offensive.I don’t wish to get on the same stupid argument you are on regarding class, but you are a yuppie fool.Good luck in the real world. idiot.

        • Muddy Waters

          Just read some of your replies, you are definitely an idiot.Good luck breathing in and out

        • Ramage

          Of course your post was not disrespectful to New Zealanders. It seems that if what you have claimed to have happened to your party where everyone was either stolen from or assaulted seems more a figment of your own imagination. If it happened it would have been front page news in every NZ paper and also flashed around on TV As for your rant and despicable tirade against the NZ Police I’m sure many would like to say that the NZ Police Force can hold their heads up high when compared with theior Australian counterparts well known for their corruption and violence against those they arrest justly or unjustly. Seems to me that your complaints are so over the top they are just frankly unbelievable. As for not coming back to NZ good riddance whining complaining Australians like yourself with their fairy stories will not be missed. You are indeed Muddy Waters and the stench is filtering through the net.

    • baiji

      Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ramage

      Your complaint sounds fabricated.

  • Sean Cameron

    I’m glad that Ottawa Canada is on the list and it deserves the spot. I lived there my whole life and it is safe, clean, multicultural and very friendly! It has very low crime and it has many interesting attractions. It has a big variety of museums, interesting and fun locations, sightseeing, and of course the parliament bulding, It may not be a big city, but it’s beautiful and well worth a short visit if you live not to far away!

  • Jimmy Delas

    I’m sorry but Marseille has one of the biggest crime rate in France actually.

    • baiji

      Thanks for your input. Good to know.



    • baiji

      If you are a Muslim. I think they are talking about cities where anyone is allowed to visit.

    • Frankthecomplainer

      You need to re-read the title of the article. It says “safest and coolest cities”. There is nothing cool about Mecca or Medina unless you enjoy overt religious tyranny and repression. Correct it!

    • Mary Semaan

      I am a Christian Australian female and worked in Saudi Arabia for a year in the city of Riyadh. It was not only the safest place to be but the most amazing! Best experience of my life! I lived in a compound and dressed as I chose on compound premises but wore an abaya and covered my hair when I went out. i made some great Muslim friends who I’m still friends with today. Terrorists are idiots and not real Muslims, but you only work that out when you’re in the heart of Islam as a non-Muslim. I was so lucky to be at the heart of an amazing city with great people. I hope to work there with my husband and send our kids to an international school . I am a teacher. Saudi Arabia is like hidden secret.

  • Mark Ah Yee

    Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are right up there as cities which are very safe for tourists of any race, religion or gender, have a wonderful buzz and persona about them and do not tolerate street crime of any sort. I am surprised you have posted Malmo in Sweden and Marseille in France

  • Alex

    The author is biased towards Europe. She clearly has not been to Tokyo and Singapore – perhaps the coolest and safest cities on the planet. Such a shame.

  • bill

    This is a joke right? Aside from being blatantly sexist and biased against men as a gender class, this must be a joke at least for the content. Perth? Really? I have lived in Perth, it is most definitely not “safe”, as if to suggest crime does not exist and people (women or men) can just walk around without a care in the world, disregarding all forms of common sense and awareness of their surroundings. Safe is safe choices, crime can happen anywhere, and Perth is no exception, there are good suburbs and bad in every city i suspect.

  • Carla

    Copenhagen is full of Somali layabouts & woman hating Muslims.
    Just like Sweden (rape country of europe) this city is going down the toilet due to uncontrolled immigration.

  • Carla

    Sure if you avoid the Maoris.

  • lauen

    terrible and boring list! what a waste of clicking my mouse!

  • daniela

    I travelled alone a few times, starting at age 28. My advice to women is not to do something you wouldn’t do at home, like walk alone at night, go to deserted areas, not making sure an area is safe before going there, nights clubs or bars alone, renting rooms from strangers or anything but a real hotel, I mean obvious things. I heard stories, they do not concern me, I am careful bordering on paranoia everywhere i go. An acquaintance told me her story of being attacked on the streets of Barcelona and a miraculous rescue by a passerby, i was like wow how horrible, I’ve been there too, and then turns out she was walking from a nightclub alone at 4am. Like, what? no wonder my experience was quite different. I felt Barcelona was very safe, without any shadow of any incidents, bc i would never walk alone after dark anywhere, especially while traveling. Same for all the pickpocket stories, geez, like in Venice, not a problem whatsoever, and didn’t have to be more careful than I usually am, whereas I know someone who had his money stolen from his back pocket.
    I would never go to any Arabic/muslim cities. Completely out of the question as a woman, bc there, it doesn’t matter how you behave: the simple fact of being a foreign woman WILL make you a target, no matter what you do.

  • Solange

    Was very surprised to see Setubal in this list. It’s an okay place… not much too see, but saying its safe when it has been voted by Portuguese’s as being one of the most unsafe cities in Portugal makes me wonder about the rest of this list. I know this city, studied there and spent many years going there daily, but not for its charm. But granted, bad things happen anywhere, but I would not falsely advertise Setubal as safe.