Common Mistakes Women Make When Traveling Alone

Common Mistakes Women Make When Traveling Alone

Traveling on your own has a host of benefits and can be a ton of fun! While there are many cities that are particularly safe for women to travel alone in, traveling solo differs quite a bit from traveling with a partner or group and so it’s easy to make mistakes when setting out solo for the first time.  While we aren’t suggesting that you become paranoid and don’t enjoy your solo travels, we are suggesting that you take reasonable steps to increase your safety. So to help you prepare for your trip, here are 24 common mistakes women make when traveling alone.

1. Posting On Social Media

Social media is a fun way to connect with friends and family and share your travels, but it’s generally safer to post afteyou’ve left the location you’re posting about or to post without tagging your location. It’s one thing to post about being in a specific large city, but don’t use specifics, which could be used maliciously to track you. If you have a private account, this is less of a concern, but the majority of people have public accounts allowing anyone to see the details you’re sharing online. It’s also important to not post about being on vacation as some insurance companies are refusing to honor tenants or home insurance if a break-in and theft occur while the homeowner (or renter) has posted about being away on a public forum, like social media.

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