The Most Strikingly Beautiful Hiking Trails On The English Countryside

The Most Strikingly Beautiful Hiking Trails On The English Countryside

The English countryside holds a bounty of natural beauty and scores of surprises best uncovered along thousands of kilometers of trails comprising England’s revered National Trails and additional footpaths. Old legends are revealed along steady paths, history unveiled along careening mountain passes, and coastal paths explore the charm of the waterfront. Many of these striking hikes pass through colourful villages boasting lively markets, charming pubs, and a host of friendly locals – taking a few days’ hike and staying in a charismatic B&B is as possible as camping under countryside stars.

7. The White Cliffs of Dover

Forming a section of gorgeous coastline in Dover, county of Kent, England, the White Cliffs of Dover are emblematic for Brits: they face France and the Straight of Dover which, historically, was an area of consistent invasions. The cliffs, extending east and west, form a natural barrier used as a WWI and WWI defense strategy and offer far-flung views of the awe-inspiring French coastline. Vaulting 350 feet skyward, the dramatic facade is chalk-based and streaked with black flint, creating a striking view. The walk is nothing short of breathtaking: take the coastal path along the cliffs where you’ll reach historic South Foreland Lighthouse. Here, the views of the cliffs are excellent and below, the Calcareous grassland is filled with unusual insects and plants like the pyramidal orchid and the chalkhill butterfly.

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