The Artist’s Guide to Amsterdam: 10 Best Spots for Landscapes

The Artist’s Guide to Amsterdam: 10 Best Spots for Landscapes

With its well-preserved 17th century architecture and intricate system of canals, Amsterdam is an artist’s dream, especially among landscape artists. On a sunny day in the spring or summer, it is typical to find inspired artists covered in paint and with an easel set up near the railing on one of the many historic bridges and pathways. Holland might have notoriously brutal winters, but when the seasons change, the city comes to life with blue skies and sunny afternoons, the perfect backdrop for creating lovely landscapes.

10. Dam Square

For centuries, Dam Square has been the center of Amsterdam and a famous, cherished relic dating back to medieval times. Originally built in the 13th century, the square near the train station still retains its old world glory. The only difference is the mopeds and cars zipping around. Over the years, the square has gone through a series of interesting changes, making it layered in a rich history, particularly with artists. During Holland’s Golden Age in the 16th century, Amsterdam flourished, especially among landscape artists like Gerrit Adriaenz and his famous painting, “Dam Square Amsterdam.” Find a comfortable spot at one of outdoor cafes for a glorious view of the New Church, an impressive Gothic structure with ornate detailing, and the Beurs van Berlage, a former stock exchange building established in 1903. Another inspiring structure for artists to capture is the Royal Palace nearby, the grand crown jewel of Holland.

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