India’s 9 Coolest Cultural Festivals

India’s 9 Coolest Cultural Festivals

India is renowned throughout the world as a country with abounding traditional and cultural festivals because of the many different religions and cultures it has. It doesn’t matter which month of the year it is, it isn’t difficult to find at least a few exciting festivals to attend within almost any vicinity–that’s the beauty of India. India’s people love to celebrate, to honor, to dance, to sing, to perform, to challenge–you’ll find almost every form of the arts in many festivals across the country. With thousands of customs and traditions, there’s never a lack of excitement, awe, passion, and intrigue in each unique Indian cultural festival.

9. Ladakh Festival

Each year from September 20th-September 26th, the Ladakh Festival kicks off in the Himalayas coldest reaches, a secluded destination that comes alive come the summer months with a colorful burst of life lasting through the short warm period. As a goodbye to summer, the festival highlights regional culture and sports in a week long dynamic event of archery and polo, sports, handicrafts, and ritual dancing. The destination itself is stunning and worth a visit, especially this time of year. The exhibitions of thanga, a rare type of embroidery painting done on silk, are an exceptional sight. There are also organized treks and white water expeditions to be enjoyed.

Ladakh Festival

8. Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

The nine-day-long Kala Ghoda Arts Festival begins annually on the first Saturday of February and traditionally comes to an end on the final Sunday of the same month in Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda region. Inaugurated in 1999, the festival has seen massive growth over the years in both popularity and stature, attracting people from all over the country and the world. The non-profit team organizing the festival aims to bring awareness to the arts in this particular area and make Mumbai an official art district. A wealth of literary workshop, cultural performances, special theater events, and rows upon rows of food stalls are the focal point. Heritage walks, film screenings, and kid’s events are also at the forefront of this lively and exciting festival.

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