12 Crazy Carnival Foods You Can Try This Summer Photo by: Calgary Stampede/The Peanut Cupboard

12 Crazy Carnival Foods You Can Try This Summer

Corn dogs, cotton candy and caramel apples used to be the staple carnival food for many years but in the past decade foodies are ramping up the choices across the world. Food of every imaginable shape, size, color and taste are being created specifically for the enthusiasts who visit the fairgrounds each year. From creative burgers to deep-friend peanut butter pickles to the most expensive hot dog in the world, the fairgrounds are the hottest place to be to try new food. Discover 12 crazy carnival foods you can try for yourself this summer.

12. Deep-fried Donut Bacon Cheeseburgers

It seems that fairs and festivals love to deep-fry just about anything and it should come as no surprise that chefs are now replacing burger buns with donuts. Krispy Kreme donuts have been a favorite to use over the years in American State Fairs to produce extraordinary burgers. At the Calgary Stampede in Canada this year they are deep-frying the donuts and making their own take on this burger. These glazed donuts are deep friend and stacked together with a burger patty, cheese and bacon in between. There is no room for lettuce or tomato in these melt in your mouth, drippy goodness burgers. The glazed donuts add a little bit of sweetness to this savory burger and create the ultimate heart stopping meal.

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