11 Things to See and Do in Kakadu National Park Kakadu Sunset, Photo by: Johan Lolos

11 Things to See and Do in Kakadu National Park

Regardless of what time of year you get the chance to visit Kakadu National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory, jump on that opportunity and enjoy what the park has to offer.  Dry season (May to October) will grant you more accessibility and activity options, but wet season (November to April) offers incredibly green, lush, verdant vistas and smaller crowds.  With no shortage of salt and freshwater crocs, waterfalls, boat cruises, walks, swimming, bird watching, and fishing, you are sure to have an unforgettable journey to Kakadu that will have you hankering after your next visit.  Get yourself a permit online before you travel to save yourself some hassle.

1. Yellow Water Boat Cruise

Take a journey through Kakadu’s expansive and magical wetlands on the Yellow Water Boat Cruise.  The Yellow Wetlands, at the end of Jim Jim Creek, are home to countless crocodiles and about a third of all the bird species represented in Kakadu.  Operating year round with a choice of a 90 minute or 120 minute experience and a knowledgeable and highly trained guide, this tour will get you up close and personal with the wetland.  If you want a more unique experience, book at dawn or sunset, check out the night time cruise, or explore their fishing packages.

Saltwater Crocodile, Photo by: Tourism NT

Saltwater Crocodile, Photo by: Tourism NT

2. Nourlangie

Nourlangie Rock, or Burrunggui, is a breathtaking rock formation.  On a 1.5 km walking loop of the outcrop, you can observe ancient mythological Aboriginal paintings.  If you are visiting during dry season, visit the nearby Anbangbang Billabong and enjoy the views of the Nourlangie.  If you feel up for a challenge, the 12 km Barrk Sandstone Walk over the outcrop presents a great opportunity for fitness enthusiasts to make it to the top and enjoy the spectacular views while sneaking in some exercise.

Nourlangie Rock, Photo by: Peter Eve & Tourism NT

Nourlangie Rock, Photo by: Peter Eve & Tourism NT

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