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Underrated Escapes: Singapore

Singapore, a city-state in Southeast Asia is a mix of old and new.  Modern skyscrapers, a sophisticated travel system, mouth-watering food, world class shopping, a diverse and colorful blend of Chinese, Malay, and Indian culture, a tropical climate, safe, clean streets, low crime, and a happening nightlife scene makes Singapore a place to add to your bucket list.  Often overlooked on a traveler’s trip to Asia thanks to its squeaky clean reputation, Singapore, although on the rise had been highly underrated as a top travel destination, and here is why:

City Overview

A small island country with a sizeable population of almost 6 million, Singapore is very densely populated.  Although crowded on paper, Singapore boasts lots of green space – more than 50% of the country is greenery – giving it the nickname the Garden City.  The island nation is warm year-round so tourism is pretty steady.  To avoid paying through the roof, skip Singapore during national holidays and big events like the Singapore Grand Prix in September (unless that’s your jam), and avoid the rainy season from November to January.  July through October offers the lowest tourist traffic but also comes with hazy weather and low air quality.  The city has very strict drug laws, so make sure you bring prescriptions for any medicine you have with you.

Singapore city
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