Underrated Escapes: Cleveland Ohio

Underrated Escapes: Cleveland Ohio

You’ve probably heard the saying “Cleveland Rocks” and while being home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gives you the right to make that claim, Cleveland rocks on so many other levels! The northern Ohio city situated on one of the Great Lakes offers sports, arts and culture, attractions and a booming culinary scene…and most of all affordability. It’s the bang for your buck that makes Cleveland a great option for a long weekend getaway without spending big money like you would in Chicago or New York. This amazing city is often overlooked but we feel it’s very much underrated and we’ll show you why:

City Overview

Located on the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland is Ohio’s second largest city right after Columbus. The city experiences 4 distinct seasons with summers being hot and humid and winters being cold and snowy. To get the most out of your experience, visit the city from late spring through late autumn. If flying, you’ll probably land at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport located southwest of the city center. It’s easy to get from the airport into town as it was the first city in North America to build an airport-to-downtown rapid transit system. Cleveland is also an easy drive for many, as it’s within 5 hours from Chicago and Toronto ON, 6 hours from Washington and under 8 from New York City.

Cleveland Flats

Arts and Culture

If you’re the artsy type or just appreciate good work when you see it, you’ll be surprised by the staggering amount of art options this city offers. On the east side, you’ll find the neighborhood of University Circle, home of many houses of higher learning including the Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland Institute of Art and many other medical and educational institutions. Known as ‘The Circle’ by locals, you’ll also find the Cleveland Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland and Cleveland Orchestra located here. If you thought you had to go to NYC to catch the best of live performances, think again. Cleveland boasts the largest theater district in America outside of New York. PlayhouseSquare, is the massive arts district located downtown and is a must visit with beautifully renovated theaters, trendy hotels and fine dining.

Playhouse Square
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