12 Amazing World Heritage Sites You Have to Visit

12 Amazing World Heritage Sites You Have to Visit

Of the 1,007 designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites (779 cultural, 197 natural) one may be pleased to hear that only 46 are in danger. However, that is 46 too many. Each of the sites is equally as unique and important, as they are special and breathtaking. The sites scatter the globe from hemisphere to hemisphere, time zone to time zone and north to South Pole. What makes each site great -besides its uniqueness, is the fact the sites do not have cultural bias, nor do they have opinions. They do not make arguments based on race, religion or political denomination, either. Every site stands and exists to simply be admired by the characteristics that make it amazing enough to be designated a world heritage site.  A visual bucket list, here are 12 outstanding UNESCO World Heritage Sites that should be seen by anyone lucky enough to be in close enough proximity to have the opportunity to visit them.

12. Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls

Jerusalem has an amazing skyline that is unlike anything in the west. Marked as a holy city for Judaism, Christianity as well as Islam, Jerusalem serves significance for countless backgrounds and creeds. The Dome of the Rock is of particular significance and serves as a landmark that most would recognize in photos. The site of Abraham’s sacrifice is noticeable by its gold dome and colorful architecture.

A younger generation may notice that the Jerusalem setting is a popular landscape for many modern video games most notably Assassin’s Creed; where the user is able to scale to the top of buildings with ease and take in a virtual rendition of the historic city. The dome, which was built in the seventh century, serves as a focal point of the site deemed worthy of the list in 1981, not that being left off the list would have prevented millions from visiting the location every single year.

Old City of Jerusalem

11. Palace and Park of Fontainebleau, France

This site, which received inscription in 1981, is a magical building straight out of a fairy tale. Set on the water surrounded by lush greenery, it’s a palace made for the set of a Disney movie. The greenery belongs to the vast forest in the Ile-de-France that was embellished and increased in size in the 16th century with the hopes of transforming it into the “New Rome” according to Francois I.

Its original use however, was intended for the royal hunting lodge of Fontainebleau especially for the French Kings during the 12th century that resided here. A combination of Renaissance and French traditions are the basis for the design, with the earliest buildings taking shape between 1528 and 1540. Construction was supervised by the master builder Gille le Breton, the same man responsible for the Cour Ovale that is part of the eastern section of the site standing atop ancient foundations.

Palace and Park of Fontainebleau France
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