The World’s Most Dangerous Airlines

The World’s Most Dangerous Airlines has released a list of the world’s most dangerous airlines to fly, basing them on a rating scale out of seven stars. The airlines below all have a rating of two stars or below and are rated on factors such as is the airline certified by the International Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), are they blacklisted from the European Union, have they been fatality free for 10 years, are they FAA approved and do they meet all 8 of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) safety parameters. To explain; the IOSA certification is an evaluation system designed to assess the management and control system of an airline whereas the ICAO measures the standards and regulations necessary for aviation safety, security, efficiency and regularity. Most of these airlines do not offer in-flight products, have terrible on time performance and have been grounded or investigated at least once in their lifetime. Between bomb threats, hijackings, overshot runways and crashes; these twelve airlines have a history of being unsafe. Discover the world’s most dangerous airlines according to

13. Yeti Airlines

Yeti Airlines is the parent company to Tara Air (mentioned later); an airline that was rewarded only one-star by Yeti Airlines comes in with two-stars however, being rewarded for being fatality free and FAA endorsed. Based in Kathmandu, Nepal this airline was established in 1998 and together with Tara Air forms the largest domestic flight operator in Nepal. Yeti Airlines serves ten domestic destinations with seven aircrafts in operation.

In the past decade Yeti Airlines has had a handful of incidents resulting in the deaths of over thirty passengers and crew as well as destroying a couple of aircrafts. They do boast the highest on time performance of any airline in Nepal though and offer beverages and snacks on flights. Yeti Airlines also offers an hour long express Everest mountain flight that remains popular with visitors. Like all Nepalese airlines they are banned from flying into the European Union airspace and have not completed any components of the IOSA.

Yeti Airlines mountain runway
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