The 12 Best Themed Planes in the World

The 12 Best Themed Planes in the World

As one of the fastest modes of transportation, airplanes are a part of our everyday scenery and with their distinct tail patterns and colors; it’s easy to see which plane belongs to which company. But in the past couple of decades airlines have upped their game in terms of aircraft design and livery. Simple exterior paint jobs are no longer the norm and airlines are teaming up with networks, amusement parks and other companies to create giant flying billboards and pieces of art. Not only are the exteriors of planes being revamped but the interiors to match. From Hello Kitty to Disney to Star Wars, here are the 12 best themed planes in the world.

12. Alaska Airlines

It is one of the airlines that make many amazing themed planes and over the years have created two Disney planes, a Make-a-Wish plane and a Spirit of Alaska plane. The Disney planes feature the signature ‘Disneyland’ logo and a multitude of characters including Mickey and Minnie, Goofy and the Cars crew. In 2009 this airline released its Spirit of Alaska Statehood plane, featuring a design by a 16-year-old Sitka student who won a statewide contest to come up with a design that would capture the spirit of the 49th state. The design features a musher and sled dog, canoe, bear, whale, state ferry and a statement that reads “We’re all pulling together”. The design took 48 painters and over 160 gallons of paint to include and the student who designed the artwork even personally signed the plane.

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