#NoSelfies: 9 Places Where Selfies are Banned


5. Pamplona, Spain

This next selfie ban was put in place to protect human lives and few can complain about that. Officials in the Northern region of Pamplona, Spain have put a ban on taking selfies during the Running of the Bulls. The law actually states that anyone who puts lives in danger by filming or taking photographs during the running of the bulls can face serious fines of up to €3000 Euros. Since 1924 when record keeping started taking place, 15 people have perished from this controversial event and organizers are trying to keep that number low.

A number of bull runners have already been charged including a man who attempted to take a selfie as the bulls were mere inches behind him and narrowly missed being gorged by one. The picture went worldwide and was called by some “one of the best examples of human stupidity we have ever witnessed”. This selfie ban seems pretty straightforward to us in protecting not only the one snapping the picture but those around him as well.

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