#NoSelfies: 9 Places Where Selfies are Banned


9. Lake Tahoe, California

Another area that has banned selfies with wild animals is Lake Tahoe in California. The ban is on “bear selfies” and can be considered almost as unbelievable as the no tiger selfie ban in New York State. Not only is the bear selfie incredibly dangerous to both humans and the bears but authorities say that the area is overrun with people trying to snap these photos. Incidents have gotten so bad that a mother and baby cub were actually followed off the trails and across a creek by a group of people trying to get that selfie.

As cute as these bears are Lake Tahoe officials are trying to warn visitors of the danger. Bears that feel crowded and threatened will lash out and can be deadly. If this bear selfie problem persists much longer authorities of Lake Tahoe say the area that attracts the most bears will be closed to the public as the endangerment to people and bears is too high of a risk. The choice remains with the public for now; forget the bear selfies or ruin the experience for everyone else.

Bear California

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