#NoSelfies: 9 Places Where Selfies are Banned

#NoSelfies: 9 Places Where Selfies are Banned

The ongoing trend of taking selfies shows no sign of slowing down and it appears that the longer the trend goes on, the more outrageous the selfies become. From high tech Bluetooth selfie sticks to snapping a photo with a wild bear; there seems to be not end to this pop culture phenomenon. People and places are beginning to come down on the selfie craze stating that it is dangerous, damaging and something that needs to be banned in certain places. From outrageous fines to jail time, every place around the world is dealing with selfies differently. Discover why the French have set up zones on a pristine beach in Southern France banning all selfies, find out why South Korea is banning all un-certified selfie sticks and learn how dating sites have contributed to some of the most dangerous selfies that can be taken. Join us in discovering eight #NoSelfie places around the world.

1. Garoupe, France

They have dubbed it “No Braggies Zone” but what they really mean is “NoSelfies” on this popular beach in Southern France. Targeting those who want to “brag” about their holidays to people back home with Facebook posts, Instagram posts and pictures; this beach has designated two zones on the beach to be “Brag Free”. Two signs are posted warning visitors of this and authorities are taking this ban seriously. The Holiday Spam Police as they are called will be on the lookout for those visitors wanting to capture the ever popular “selfies”.

The Garoupe beaches are amongst some of the finest beaches in all of France and the beach authority wants visitors to enjoy the beaches rather than spending the majority of time bragging to friends and family back home. The major crackdown is on celebrities who in the past have been known to post numerous pictures of their spectacular holidays. These celebrities will be handed an outright ban if caught posing for pictures. This ban isn’t for the whole beach season as of yet but only implemented during the holiday rush for two weeks in August.

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2. South Korea

South Korea hasn’t gone so far as to ban selfies but instead has cracked down on the use of the ever popular selfie-sticks. A selfie stick is a short or long pole with a clip on the end that is designed to hold a mobile phone or small camera; making it easier to take selfies from further away. The selfie stick operates through Bluetooth in order to trigger the shutter and thus South Korea has declared that all selfies sticks must be tested and certified as they are considered telecommunication devices.

If you are caught selling an un-certified selfie stick the price is high; up to a $3,000 fine or up to three years in prison. There is no word on what happens if you are caught using an un-certified selfie stick but chances are you won’t be let go with just a slap on the wrist. The reason behind this harsh crackdown appears to stem from the worry that these devices will interfere with other technology such as medical equipment that also uses radio waves. With more cellphones in use than people; who can blame the government from wanting to regulate this business?

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