10 Real Places That Inspired Disney Movies


3. The Forbidden City, China

Between the years 1490 and 1911, The Forbidden City in China was an imperial palace to twenty-four emperors. It is now a museum sporting over 9,999 rooms with a room being described as a space between four pillars. The palace is surrounded by a well-guarded moat and at one time in history, intruders were discouraged from entry by watchtower guards using bows and arrows. There are five entrances to the gate – the central one was strictly reserved for the emperor. The empress was allowed to pass through it only once -on her wedding day. The best view of the Forbidden City is seen atop of Coal Hill in Jingshan Park. This hill was made from the excavation dirt from the moat which surrounds the Forbidden City. According to Chinese Feng Shui, the evil spirits of the north are kept from entering. The design of the Emperor’s home in “Mulan” takes its inspiration from China’s Forbidden City. Interestingly, the timeline of the movie is set during China’s Han Dynasty, from around 200 B.C.to 200 A.D.; while the Forbidden City was built about 1,200 years later.

Forbidden City
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