Vacationing 101: How to Pack Smart and Pack Small


3. A Light Jacket

By choosing “light” you can wear the outer layer in all types of weather. Layer up when it’s cold, or simply provide a light cover to shield yourself from the breeze or drizzle. You can also choose versions that can be stacked or striped down – oftentimes with pieces that zip right in so they won’t bunch or lose their place. When choosing a jacket, it’s also best to pick a material that’s waterproof or will block out other significant weather in order to get the most possible use out of a single item.

4. Wick-Away Materials

If you’re planning on movement, layers that dry quickly or keep you from feeling damp are the way to go. They will allow you to feel more comfortable for long days of travel – whether you’re out hiking, shopping, or taking in the sights. Wick-away materials are also more likely to breathe, meaning they won’t collect smells as quickly. Which is even more perfect for travelers who have minimal access to laundry services. Better still, is the fact that these types of materials can be crammed into the smallest of packing shapes and still won’t wrinkle – they come out unscathed and ready to wear.

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