Vacationing 101: How to Pack Smart and Pack Small

Vacationing 101: How to Pack Smart and Pack Small

When booking a vacation – and the subsequent packing that follows – there are plenty of things to get ready for. Depending on where you’re headed, there might be more or less prep work that needs to be done, for instance, places with extreme climates or where an intense hobby is going to be performed. Which means more items will need to be packed … especially when traveling far away or for a long period of time.

But what if, instead of packing in bulk, you could pack items that were far more versatile? Where clothing was good for multiple temperatures and types of weather? And shoes could handle long bouts of walking, but also served as a stylish accessory to your outfit? And, of course, toiletries were efficient and easily reached. Jewelry avoided becoming tangled, hair products tamed and de-frizzed while keeping everything securely in place and so on. Thankfully, these products not only exist, but they’ve been perfected over the years. Brought down to an art where travelers can pack with minimal items, but without being inconvenience. In order to get the most out of your travel wardrobe, consider packing:

1. Quality Items

Yes they’re expensive – some of them are very expensive – but their price tag often comes at a value worth having. These are the clothes that will last through multiple wears without losing shape or fit. They’re also specialty made to withstand the weather. Look at sites like Merrell, UnderArmour, Nike, Columbia, etc. and check out their weather sections. Each clothing description should come with an overview as to what temperatures and types of precipitation they’re meant to keep in/out. (Don’t forget wind either!) With these items, you can pack light without sacrificing practicality. Then once you’ve decided on quality you can look toward specifics.

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