The Best Ways to Avoid Airline Baggage Fees

The Best Ways to Avoid Airline Baggage Fees

There is nothing worse than arriving at the airport for your flight; ridiculously early as you have been warned that check in and customs and security will take you hours upon hours to get through to find out that the crazy expensive plane ticket did not in fact cover the luggage you now need to check in. Baggage fees…the dreaded words that one does not want to utter; whether you are a passenger or airline employee these fees can cause havoc, crying, screaming and other behavior that is not acceptable anywhere except an airport; where stress levels are off the charts and emotions run high.
Airlines in the last few years have shifted dramatically when it comes to what the basic fare includes. Gone are the days when you could check bags for free, receive hot meals and complimentary wine and carry on not just one but two bags for free. These days the airlines see $$$ signs when it comes to charging for everything; including the bathroom. But there are ways to avoid these annoying baggage fees and savvy passengers with a little help from the insiders can carry on flying with minimal added expenses. Here’s a few tips for avoiding those dreaded baggage fees:

Pack Light

It sounds simple and for some it is but when you are a family of four traveling for two weeks you simply can’t fit everything into a couple of carry-on bags. When faced with this situation chances are you will have to pay at least one or two baggage fees. The key is to avoid paying any more than necessary. Most passengers when faced with per bag fees think the way around getting charged more is too stuff everything into one bag and only pay the $25 (the most common first bag fee) once. WRONG. In addition to checked baggage fees there are overweight fees, which can be a killer with some airlines charging up to $100 if your bag is simply a pound or two over. Compared with checking in an extra bag for a measly $25; it is easy to see why it pays to pack multiple lighter bags. Checking the weight of your bag at home is perhaps the smartest thing a traveler can do as there is nothing worse than arriving at the airport to find out your bag is 10lbs over. Take the five minutes at home and put your bag on the scale to ensure it’s of proper weight. Airlines vary in weight allowance so make sure you are checking your airline’s baggage policies beforehand.

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