The 8 Most Overrated/Underrated Attractions in Big Cities

The 8 Most Overrated/Underrated Attractions in Big Cities

Big cities are often at the top of the list for any traveler and there always seems to be a check list of “Major Attractions” that tourists are expected to experience; despite long line ups for tickets, crowds of people and more often than not disappointing results. Cities such as Paris, New York, Hollywood and London harbor less known attractions that are not only just as awesome but much less crowded and often much less expensive.

8. London, England

Overrated: London Eye
Starting off with the great city of London, England it doesn’t take a genius to identify The London Eye as one of the most significant tourist spots in the city. With its two long lines; one for tickets and one for rides it’s easy to identify this giant Ferris wheel as a tourist hot spot. Passengers travel in capsules that fit up to 25 people circling in a giant loop high above the city offering 360 degree views. It is considered one of the best places to view the city from above. The downfall to this attraction is not just the ridiculously long lines that you have to wait in but the high price of admission. Currently in early 2015 the cheapest price is $22 euro’s which gets you a standard ticket, the option for fast tracking the line will cost you a whopping $30 euro’s with no discount for children over the age of 4. The length of the ride is about 30 minutes in which you will be stuck with 20 or so strangers and depending on your luck could be good or bad.

London Eye

Underrated: Parliament Hill
The alternate to the London Eye is to head to the top of Parliament Hill for amazing views of the city. This view has the WOW-factor, the price is free and it is the perfect setting to fly a kite, have a picnic or share a romantic glass of wine with your partner. The city’s skyline is best seen on a sunny day or head to the top nearing sunset and watch as the glowing orange sun sinks slowly and the city turns into a dazzling display of lights. The best parts; no lines, no crowds of tourists and a chance to experience the view like a local.

Parliament Hill

7. Hollywood, California

Overrated: Walk of Fame
Hollywood, California; a place that is best known for anything and everything celebrity related. It’s no surprise that tourists here come to see the infamous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Instead of the star lined street you expect to see full of celebrities and hip trendy shops; visitors are hounded to buy souvenirs, take pictures with characters in costumes and give to the homeless. The garbage floats endlessly down the streets due to uncaring tourists, the crowds are thick with tourists all gasping for the chance to spot a star and the only reason you should really visit is if you have an unhealthy obsession with celebrities and “need” that picture of their star.

Underrated: Runyon Canyon
Instead head to Runyon Canyon where you might actually have a better chance of spotting a celebrity. Many celebs head here to walk their adorable collection of dogs, burn off some calories and grab a fabulous view of the city. With sightings including Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Jessica Biel, Mathew McConaughey and Ben Stiller this is one hot spot to not only get a great workout but to work out those eyes feasting on some major celebs. You can thank us later when Ben Affleck runs by you shirtless.

Runyon Canyon
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