The 7 Dirtiest Things on an Airplane


5. Window Shades

There are two kinds of passengers on an airplane; aisle people and window people. If you are a window seat person you most likely want to see outside, or use the window as a headrest while trying to catch some zzzz’s. The hard truth is though these window shades rarely get cleaned and when your face is pressed up against it, you should remember that someone else’s face was pressed up against it a couple hours earlier. Like the tray table, the plastic window shades are potential germ farms and bacteria can live up to 120 hours on a single shade. Think about the unwashed hands that push down and pull up that shade, and think about the runny noses and drool from people’s mouths. Unlike the bathrooms which are wiped down multiple times a day, it’s not likely you will see a flight attendant come through the cabin wiping down the window coverings after every flight.

airplane window

4. Seat Back Pocket

Have you ever stuck your book into the seat pocket in front of you, or how about the food wrapper? Did you ever stop to wonder how in the world those get cleaned? The most simple answer is they don’t get cleaned very often and therefore become a breeding ground for bacteria. Next time you are flying stick your hand way down into the bottom and feel how much dirt and crumbs are in there (and then wash your hands immediately) and we guarantee you won’t want to store anything in there. From dirty diapers to food to spilled drinks to used Kleenex’s, everything goes in these seat pockets. It should come as no surprise then that when you see the aircraft cleaners they are all using gloves to reach in the pockets to clean them out. Our best recommendation; avoid the seat pockets like the plague.

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