The 7 Dirtiest Things on an Airplane

The 7 Dirtiest Things on an Airplane

Breaking news: airplanes are dirty, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise to many who watch thousands of people load into these metal tubes and fly hours from one destination to another. But just how dirty are these airplanes, and which parts are the grossest? Travelmath website recently sent out a microbiologist to swap the insides of airplanes and discover the dirtiest things are. The results are not pretty and after reading you may just be tempted to step inside a Hazmat suit the next time you board an aircraft (or at the very least, bring some antibacterial wipes).

7. The Floor

Watch an airline staff’s reaction next time they see someone walking in the aisle of an aircraft in bare feet, we bet they are cringing. That is because the floor of an airplane is absolutely filthy. Stop and think about what touches the floor of an airplane; dirty diapers, luggage that has been rolled through mud, vomit, dirt off people’s shoes, food and who knows what else. Watch the people come onto the plane wearing flip flops and understand that these shoes are an avenue to dump dead skin cells, or how about the women cutting her toenails at her seat and letting them fall to the floor? The absolute worst thing you can do though is go barefoot into the washrooms, where who knows what awaits you on those floors. Don’t use the “5 second rule” when you drop food, keep your shoes on and pack some hand sanitizer if you feel the need to touch the floor.

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