The 10 Best Cities to Use Uber

The 10 Best Cities to Use Uber

Uber is a rapidly growing car sharing system all over the world that is taking cities by storm and seemingly putting taxi services out of business. The question becomes, where is the best place to use Uber and what factors come into play when passengers choose to use this service over a regular cab? Cities that offer low fares, reliable rides and quick pickup are often thought of the best cities to use this service. Combine that with friendly locals, inconsistent weather and the legality that surrounds this company and we have found you the 10 best cities in which you should be using Uber.

10. Nashville

It is a city that has truly embraced this ride sharing program and thus is a perfect city to use Uber. It became the first city to allow passengers to be picked up from the airport legally by an Uber driver. The city of Nashville doesn’t make it easy for residents or visitors to get around by public transportation and that is where Uber has really come in handy. The average ETA for an Uber pick up is just four minutes here and the average fare is under $10. Home of many concerts, festivals and late nights; it seems this city and Uber can work perfectly together.

9. Sydney, Australia

If you happen to live in the land down under or you are simply visiting and looking for a cheaper way to get around, Uber is the perfect answer. In just one year Uber drivers gave over a million rides to riders in Sydney and the average wait time for pickup was an incredibly short 4.1 minutes. What’s even better; many Uber drivers in Sydney have supercars that they will pick you up in. The main reason this city is great to use Uber; it is far cheaper than using a traditional cab and much more reliable. There are no Uber ‘horror stories’ floating around the internet about Sydney, instead there is praise for the drivers and vehicles. Plus as a visitor to the city it’s great to use this service as the driver can normally recommend restaurants, clubs and other local interests that tourists may miss out on.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
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