How to Travel with Carry-On Baggage Only


5. Packing Tips

It’s all about maximizing your space — so the way you put your clothes in your case really matters. Consider rolling clothes; not only does it save space and let you pack more things, it can prevent clothing from getting wrinkled more effectively.  Try layering clothes and then folding them together. Another good packing tool is compression bags which help eliminate air and increase space.

Packing (2)

4. The Business Trip

Your clothing requirements will be different, given the purpose of your trip, of course. Fellas, go for a neutral colored suit that can be changed up with different colored shirts and ties. Ladies, go for a base garment (brown or black dress pants or skirt) and concentrate your mix-and-match options on the top. You can completely change an outfit with a scarf, sweater or blazer. And don’t forget accessories! They take up no room and can re-invent yesterday’s outfit. Also choose a versatile pair of shoes (consider whether you’ll be standing for long periods). Do you need to pack your bulky laptop, or can you get away with bringing your tablet instead? One takes up a lot more space than the other!

Business Trip Packing
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