How to Travel with Carry-On Baggage Only

How to Travel with Carry-On Baggage Only

There is not a traveler around who hasn’t lost their luggage, especially when moving through flight connections. Considering the number of potential hurdles that lurk behind every flight (i.e. weather and other delays) sometimes it is a travel miracle if your luggage arrives at your destination with you. One way to streamline your travel (and to avoid those extra wait times at the baggage carousel) is to travel with carry-on baggage only. But how will you fit all that you need for your trip into that teeny bag? Read on!

7. Carry-On Pros

While you might be stressing at the thought of ditching your fleet of luggage in favor of that compact carry-on, traveling with a carry-on only is your best bet towards stress-free travel. Not only will you have everything you need at your fingertips, you’ll save on baggage fees. You won’t have to wrestle with baggage in the airport- or try to find transportation suitable for you and your bags. Traveling simplicity = a pack and go lifestyle.

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6. The Bag

Obviously, the bag itself is your most crucial tool to have carry-on travel success. First, double check the size requirements for bags on your airline. Make sure that your bag is sturdy, expandable and has loads of pockets both on the inside and outside). Not the most glam accessory, but ensure that you are well stocked with Ziploc bags- which can help organize items- and save space. A good carry-on bag should have wheels as well. If you are living a life of travel simplicity, then make your movement as simple as possible!

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