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How to Eat Healthy at the Airport

Healthy airport food, is there even such a thing? Over the years airports have been littered with fast food concessions, variety stores full of candy and chips and not a leafy green salad in sight. Times are changing though and as people become more conscious of what they are putting in their bodies it is up to the airports to keep up and provide us with more healthy options. But with the smells of Cinnabon wafting through the hallways we know how hard it is to walk right on by. After sitting on a plane for 5 hours without a meal understandably passengers are starving when they disembark. But what should you eat to curb your hunger and stay healthy?  These tips and tricks below will have your belly full in the healthiest of ways possible.

Pack ahead

We know it is easier said than done as most of us are too busy running around remembering to let the dog out and call the babysitter rather than thinking about snacks for the road. Packing healthy snacks is a great way to avoid that unhealthy airport food though. Toss a few granola bars, a container of crackers and some dried fruit into your purse as you dash out the door. Safety regulations vary from airport to airport but in most cases you will need to leave your liquids at home but foods are usually fine to carry through security.

Fruit and nuts
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