A Guide to International Power Outlets Photo by: Stockarch/a>

A Guide to International Power Outlets

Don’t blow a fuse…literally and figuratively speaking. It’s one of those things on the ‘to do list’ of every savvy international traveler: “check power, buy power adapter” and it’s a step which if missed could mean a useless electronic device or worse, a fried one. While some hotels offer outlets compatible with north american plugs and amperage, there are many that don’t. Especially if traveling to remote destinations or booking budget accommodations. Every country has it’s own standards for power and outlet type so to help you navigate the electric jungle, we’ve put together this handy guide of worldwide outlet types and the countries in which they’re used:

Types A & B

Volts: 120
These type A and B outlets are probably familiar to you as they’re the ones used throughout Canada and the United States. The difference between the two types is that type B is grounded while A is not. These same plug types are also used in Japan, however the volts are different (100V compared to 120V).

american outlet
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