9 Things NOT to Bring on Your Next Vacation

9 Things NOT to Bring on Your Next Vacation

Instead of focusing on what TO bring on vacation, let’s shift the focus on what NOT to bring because let’s face it…we’ve all come home from a trip and said “I didn’t need that”.  Often, while packing for our vacations we think of our favorite things to bring with us, but this might not always be the best strategy! Bringing the wrong stuff on vacation can weigh you down, bulk up your bags, waste your money, or even get you into trouble.  Here’s a look at the 9 worst offenders:

1. Irreplaceable Jewelry or Keepsakes

Sure, you might miss your grandma’s heirloom jewelry when out on the town on vacation, but leave the precious jewelry or keepsakes behind for peace of mind.  Not only do you run the risk of misplacing the valued items, but you could also make yourself a potential target to thieves.  Skip the risk and enjoy them upon your return home.

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