8 Ways To Effectively Lodge Travel Complaints

8 Ways To Effectively Lodge Travel Complaints

When you imagine vacationing, you picture yourself lying on a beach, or touring the sites, participating in activities or whatever else pleases you. Similarly, when traveling for business, you focus on preparing for your meetings, events and accomplishing the tasks at hand. The reality of traveling though means that despite best laid plans, very frequently something goes wrong. Whether it’s a flight delay or cancellation, bad customer service, questionable accommodations or lost luggage, there is a long list of travel headaches just lurking out there. Here is what you should do to remedy these travel hiccups most efficiently- and most effectively for you.

8. Be Proactive

You can mitigate the ill effects of travel gone wrong by anticipating potential problems and planning around them. For instance, if you are going on a packaged vacation, print out all of the particulars so that you’ve got facts in hand to state your case (for instance,  if an hotelier or airline agent is pushing back on things you are sure that you’ve paid for). If you have tight connections that where a slight delay will leave you stranded, make sure you’ve got what you need with you (i.e. your work materials to call in to the meeting you are missing). When traveling, pay with a credit card, instead of cash, so that you’ve got documented recourse. As the ultimate back-up plan, make sure that you’ve got trip interruption or trip cancellation insurance, which at least gives you peace of mind knowing that whatever loss, damage or inconvenience you’ve suffered will be taken care of at some point.

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