8 Things You Should Know About Teaching English Abroad


3. Scope out the job market before you interview, accept a job, or fly

Researching the job market before you head abroad will help you make an informed decision when selecting a company to work for.  Read reviews from other teachers, and compare salaries, visa application process support, holidays, insurance, benefits, and possible perks like provided housing and flights.  Research what each company needs for application, such as transcripts, criminal record searches, or copies of your degree to ensure that you have everything you need.  Make sure that you interview with multiple companies before you accept a job offer.  If you’re already overseas or feeling impulsive, have your documents ready and your background research done before you start the job search.


4. Replacement jobs are easy to come by

If you start working for a company and it seems like a poor fit, chances are there is another job waiting for you right around the corner.  As long as your qualifications are in order, you could easily apply to another company that fits your individual needs.  Make sure you study your contract carefully before you sign or terminate – there may be stipulations that make leaving difficult, such as paying back flight costs and losing the flight home.

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