8 Things You Should Know About Teaching English Abroad

8 Things You Should Know About Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English abroad entices all sorts of people – the vagabonds, the philanthropists, the folks suffering from a mild case of midlife crisis; those looking for a temporary change or those seeking a lifestyle overhaul.  Some people want to teach abroad for a couple months, and for others it is the last job they will ever take!  Whatever your reason, here are 8 things that you should know before you teach English abroad…

1. Actually know your English and grammar

Do you genuinely know the difference between past perfect and present continuous?  It goes without saying that you should have the proper certifications, but before you head abroad to teach English, make sure that you actually feel capable and confident imparting the acquisition of a new language to students.  Learning English typically represents huge opportunities for your students, so make sure that you take your job seriously and know what you’re teaching – being a native speaker doesn’t qualify you to educate others.  Depending on the company you work for, you could be expected to generate your own lessons, activities, and assessments, so make sure that you know what you are getting into and have the skills to fulfill your students’ expectations.

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2. Appearance is everything

Some institutions that teach English abroad want parents and families to believe that their students are receiving the best possible education, and sometimes that comes across very superficially.  For example, some institutions require a recent picture for their job applications, have rules such as women teachers must wear skirts (no pants), and tend to hire people that look like native English speakers.  Try to keep an open mind and find a company that aligns with your personal beliefs – that behavior wouldn’t be tolerated in many places, but it might be an obstacle that you face when you are trying to pursue a career teaching English abroad.

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