8 Reasons Why Vacations Are Good for Your Health


2. It Boosts Productivity

The effects of vacation last even after we get back to the office. For one thing, rested minds (and bodies) tend to be more creative, which means we see new and inventive ways of solving problems. If you’re trying to get a big promotion, that can be a huge help. Being rested also gives us the mental resilience to keep working, even under stress, which can help us achieve goals or meet deadlines. And being rested has another huge advantage: it simply allows us to be at our best, which means we do more work and good work. When we don’t take vacations, we can feel ground down, bored or tired. A vacation helps us come back to the office ready to tackle all the problems we might have felt were insurmountable before we went away.

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1. Vacations are Incentives

Psychologists have long talked about reward/punishment paradigms, wondering what works better to motivate people. In most cases, rewards are better motivators—and a vacation is a huge motivator for most people. Up to 8 weeks before a vacation, people will notice positive effects on their work; they will be more motivated to achieve goals and more productive. The vacation becomes a reward for a job well done. This incentive is so powerful that experts recommend planning your next getaway almost immediately upon your return. Having something to look forward to will help you slog through the tough times at the office or at home—and you’ll feel that you’ve earned the time off when you do finally get to take a couple of days or a couple of weeks for yourself.

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