8 Reasons Why Vacations Are Good for Your Health


4. It Helps our Brains Recharge

We talked about how vacation time can help your mental and physical health in the short term and how it can be preventative—but it can also help your brain itself. Most of us have routines and rote tasks; we’ll find ourselves essentially on repeat, doing the same thing over and over. That doesn’t allow us much mental flexibility; we’re less likely to be spontaneous or creative, especially in heavily routinized jobs. And when we are asked to be creative, we’re likely to find that we’re tapped out; our brains are tired. Just as vacation gives our bodies a break, it also gives our minds a chance to recharge. This is especially true when we get out and explore. Making our own schedules, being spontaneous and learning new things actually energize our brains, giving us new experiences to analyze.

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3. Vacation Gives us a New Perspective

Any good traveler knows that the best way to learn about the world around us is to get out and explore it. That can mean jetting off to an exotic locale or simply checking out a new museum on the other side of town. These new experiences can help us learn about the way that other people live. When we learn about different cultures and peoples through first-hand experience, we learn to be more sympathetic and understanding of those peoples, their cultures and their ways of life. This helps us develop an awareness and appreciation of others. These new perspectives can be beneficial in many ways: they can be earth-shattering enough for us to decide to start a movement or to change our habits, or they can subtly shift our mindsets to view problems in new ways—and maybe see solutions we didn’t see before.

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