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14 Security Tips for Smart Travelers

Traveling internationally can be both rewarding and exciting. Along with seeing new places and experiencing new cultures you can take away memories that will last a lifetime. Almost every month there are stories about tourists being impacted by some event whether it be a natural disaster, political unrest or some other type of problem. Anytime you travel away from home you are in a different and sometimes unfamiliar environment even if that travel is within your own country. When you add in the customs and laws of a foreign country and the fact you will stand out as a foreigner it only increases the possibility of something happening to ruin that special holiday. There is no way to completely erase all the risks of travel but there are some things you can do to make the trip as smooth and problem free as possible. Here are a few of our suggestions:

14. Give Someone Your Itinerary

Pilots file flight plans so someone knows their route and when to expect them at a destination. Anytime you travel, especially internationally, you should keep someone at home informed as to your travel plans. It also helps to register with your country’s embassy when you get to a foreign country. By letting the embassy know you are there and what part of the country you will be traveling in they can assist if something happens. Should a natural disaster such as an earthquake or typhoon occur or something more sinister like a terrorist bombing happen, the embassy will know you are in country and can look for you or assist with any needs. If you don’t let the embassy or someone at home know you are there then no one is looking for you. There have been many cases where embassies have had to evacuate their citizens from a country.

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