13 Weirdest Things People do on Airplanes

13 Weirdest Things People do on Airplanes

Have you ever noticed that when people are in their cars they seem to forget they’re still in a public place? A similar phenomenon seems to happen when people are on airplanes as well. Flight attendants have a little inside saying: “When you check your bags, you check your brain” and while that may be a bit of an exaggeration, people really do some strange things on airplanes. The following examples were provided by real airline staff who actually witness these bizarre examples of human behavior all the time.

1. Change Diapers in Unsanitary Places

Changing your baby’s diaper during a flight is of course necessary, and changing them in the washroom or on a change pad is perfectly fine and acceptable. What isn’t acceptable (or sanitary for that matter) is changing a diaper right on the tray table or on the empty seat next to you with no protection. There’s likely another flight after yours and having to eat off a dirty tray table or sit in a dirty seat is just gross.

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