13 Careers For People With Wanderlust


12. Oceanographer

Historically, one of the best careers for people with wanderlust has been sailing. And for those with questionable moral compasses, piracy.  While these careers still certainly exist – a la Tom Hanks and Barkhad Abdi – there’s a more modern career for travelers who also enjoy the sciences. Oceanography isn’t just a cool general education class. It’s a career where you spend months at a time out on the open sea, sleeping in hammocks, battling storms, and collecting data to investigate plummeting catch rates for deep-sea fishermen (and many other projects!). Oceanographers are the modern-day Jacks of all trades. They do it all, from sailing, to research, to grant writing, to presentation giving. If you’re flexible, like to rough it, and love going where the wind blows, check out this awesome career for travel-lovers.

Ocean Scientist
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