13 Careers For People With Wanderlust


11. Athletic Recruiter

People with wanderlust often want to lead physically active lifestyles as well. Hiking, sailing, swimming, running, yoga, and skiing are all common favorites among travelers. If you’re more interested in marrying your wanderlust with a career in a team sport like baseball, basketball, football, or soccer, however, athletic recruiting might be just right for you. Athletic recruiters for colleges travel all over their country in search of players with natural talent and a drive for top performance. Recruiters for pro sports teams often make world trips as well to follow leads about international talent. Either way, building great relationships with local coaches, a solid background in playing the sport yourself, and a bit of sports management or kinesiology knowledge go a long way in this career, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to keep one foot in the sports world while you travel the rest of the world. Score!

athletic recruiting

10. Business Consultant

In business, there are as many challenges as there are businesses. Sometimes it’s hard to see the solution from inside the problem, which is why companies hire consultants to help. Consultants usually have business or entrepreneurial experience under their belt to share, as well as great leadership, communication, and strategic talents. The best part? Business consulting often requires you to travel to meet with clients and get a feel for their business from the inside. Depending on the scale and kind of business, a consultant could have international clients who depend on their favorite consultant to help keep things running smoothly, implement company-wide changes, and advise them on all matters related to business. For an entrepreneur or executive touched by wanderlust, that’s a pretty sweet gig. Make sure to build up a stable of clients in your favorite destinations, as well as leave room in your schedule for new clients in unexplored locales.

Business Consultant
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