13 Careers For People With Wanderlust

13 Careers For People With Wanderlust

It’s the new buzzword making its way around the internet: wanderlust. Sometimes it’s used for people who like to travel for a week or two each year on vacation. If you have true wanderlust, though, you know it’s much more than that. You want to make travel a focus in your life. You need to travel, to feel whole, to feel alive, to grow and learn. With most traditional jobs, that’s hard to do. So if you want to plan your job around traveling, rather than the other way around, check out these awesome careers for people with wanderlust.

13. Archaeologist

Being an archaeologist isn’t all Indiana Jones digs, treasure hunting, and cannibal-whipping. I know. Bummer. In fact, for most of the year, the Indies of the real world catalogue artifacts, write reports, and care for their finds. But if you love history and learning about new places within a historical context, this might be the perfect wanderlust-quenching career. As archaeologists, meticulous, detail-oriented people get to cut loose a bit and explore for a few months per year on archaeological digs. Plus, as you develop a niche or specialty, you can keep heading back to your favorite areas in the world. After all, there are artifacts to be found just about everywhere. If adventuring out to remote regions of the world, immersing yourself in dirt and ancient cultures, and coming back home to a life where everything fits back into its proper place is appealing, archaeology may be for you.

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