12 Tips for Healthy Travel


5. Make your Own Workouts

If you want to get your sweat on but don’t want to spend any money, make up your own workout!  If you’re staying somewhere with a fitness facility, make yourself a hotel workout using their equipment, head to a park for a bodyweight workout using the playground equipment, hit up the pool, and remember that you can get in a good workout just about anywhere by combining things like pushups, sit-ups, squats, and sprints!

Fitness Center

6. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is key to feeling your best.  Pack an empty water bottle while flying that you can fill up once you’ve passed through security, and stay ahead of dehydration by drinking plenty of fluids.  If you are exercising while traveling or headed somewhere hotter or more humid than your usual climate, make sure to take in extra water.  As an added bonus, staying fully hydrated prevents your body from confusing being thirsty with being ravenous and accidentally consuming too much!

Drinking Water
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