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12 Tips for Healthy Travel

Traveling for business or pleasure can easily derail your health and fitness regime. It’s easy to fall into the trap of high calorie meals and little exercise because “I’m on vacation” but, with a little research, some smart packing, and a bit of prioritization, you’ll be on your way to the healthiest trip of your life.  These 12 healthy travel tips will keep you in optimal health both in transit and once you reach your destination.

1.  Research the Food and Stock Up Upon Arrival   

The more you can research and investigate prior to your trip, the easier it will be to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling.  To stay on track with your food, try to find a nearby grocery store or health food store, look up a couple of well rated restaurants that offer some healthy choices, and try to stay somewhere with a fridge (bonus for a kitchenette or full kitchen).  Knowing the lay of the land gives you an advantage as you’ll have an easier time finding healthy options for eating in and out.

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