12 Common Tourist Scams You Should Know About

12 Common Tourist Scams You Should Know About

Traveling is fun, but let’s face it… sometimes you’re a fish out of water and this makes you the ultimate target for scams. Being vulnerable and uneducated can get you in a lot of trouble, usually financially but sometimes even legally. Before packing your bags it’s important to do some research on your destination so that you don’t fall pray to one of the many, many common tourist scams out there. We’ve complied this list of some of the most common scams you may encounter while traveling this big beautiful world. Don’t let these deter you from travel, but always trust your instincts; and remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

12. The Stain on Your Jacket

A scammer will spill something on your jacket, either making it look like an accident or doing it so subtly that you don’t notice. They will point it out to you and insist they help clean it off for you. While they’re doing this they will take the opportunity to pick your jackets pockets and take whatever they can find. This scam is most common throughout Buenos Aires, Argentina and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


11. The Friendly Photographer

This is a dirty one; you’re taking pictures at some popular landmark when someone offers to take a group photo for you, or if you’re traveling as a couple they will offer to take a photo of you together. You hand them your phone or camera and one of 2 things will happen: either they will ask for money after taking the photo or even worse, they will run off with your device. This scam is most popular through Europe and we think it’s particularly dirty because there are plenty of people out there who will offer to do this and NOT steal your camera.

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