11 Tips for Getting Past TSA Quicker

11 Tips for Getting Past TSA Quicker

You have been planning and looking forward to that great getaway vacation and now the time is almost here. If you are like most people dread sets in when you arrive at the airport and realize that you have to run the gauntlet of security known as TSA just to get past the gatekeepers and into the holy sanctum of the departure area. Once you negotiate the check in area and get that coveted boarding pass comes the long line of people with their carry-on bags, strollers and impatient kids slowly kicking their bags on the floor inching ever so closely to the front of the line. For a lot of people the TSA security check is one of the worst parts of the travel experience and if you are unlucky enough to fly during peak hours or bad weather the wait to get through the line can be frustrating. Especially if you are running late. Here are a few tips that might help reduce your anxiety and get you to the plane a little faster.

11. Pack Your Bags Right

Before you ever leave the house make sure you pack right. That means not putting anything in your bag that is prohibited. Instead of reading the list at the entrance to the security line and scrambling to dig around in your luggage for things not allowed in carry-on luggage or prohibited items in general, take some time and pack properly. Don’t put anything in your bag that isn’t allowed. There is a reason the little bins full of disposable lighters and pocket knives are always full, they are prohibited. Go to the TSA website and take a look at the list of items you can’t transport and things that can’t be in your carry-on bags. Things like aerosol cans and lighter fluid are prohibited in all luggage while safety matches are not allowed in checked bags but okay in carry-on, go figure.

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