10 Great Reasons to Travel Using AirBnB


9. Low Prices

Travel can be expensive. Even with discount sites, all-inclusive resorts, and vacation packages, you can still pay thousands of dollars in accommodations alone for a couple of weeks’ stay at your favorite destination, and if you want to move around each night, like on a road trip, it’s even worse. The good news is, many AirBnB hosts offer economical listings. You should know that wherever you stay using AirBnB, it probably won’t be very hotel-like. In most cases, you’re staying in someone’s actual home, but if you’re willing to forego many traditional amenities like a private bathroom, check-in at all hours, and last-minute bookings (although some hosts do offer these things), AirBnB can be an economical alternative. Listings might be as low as $15 for a spot on the sofa, or $30 for a private room all to yourself. Much better than $80-$100 or more for a hotel room, huh?

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