10 Great Reasons to Travel Using AirBnB

10 Great Reasons to Travel Using AirBnB

Did you know that AirBnB started when some college students rented out air mattresses in the apartment because all rooms in their city were completely booked for a festival? Hence the name AirBnB. Well, the company has come so far since then. It’s fast becoming a popular way to travel just about anywhere. Despite being a completely different experience than booking a hotel, most travelers love it. It’s true that, AirBnB isn’t for everyone, but there are some great reasons to at least try it out, and isn’t trying new things what traveling is all about anyway?

10. Convenient Booking Process

The booking system on AirBnB is designed to be fast, convenient, and intuitive. To get started, you fill out your profile, add a photo, and go through the verification process. All of this helps your host get a good idea of who you are, so be sure to tell them about what you love about traveling. This process can take some time, but you only have to do it once. To check out listings in your destination, put in your travel dates and the number of people in your group. You’ll get a list of available spaces, complete with photos, info, and availability. You can sort through these by price or look at the map to see where they’re located. Once you find a space that looks good, open a conversation with the host, ask any questions, and request a reservation. The best hosts will respond quickly!

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