10 Great Jobs to Travel While You Work

10 Great Jobs to Travel While You Work

Quitting your job and traveling the world is one of the most common daydreams. Sadly, the business of earning a living often gets in the way of prolonged vacationing. But what if you could do both? There are a number of jobs (both temporary and longer term- even career-oriented) that will not only support you with a decent income, but allow you to do so in exotic locales, seeing the world and giving whole new meaning to work/life balance. So put your skill set to work- the world over with one of these great travel jobs.

1. Flight Attendant

Being a Flight attendants has always been one of the more glamorous travel jobs; imagine boarding a plane every time you go to work and touching down somewhere else. Some of the perks of being a flight attendant are not only travel discounts and the ability to hop on board to international destinations, but also having a very flexible (often condensed) schedule, which is perfect if traveling is what you aim to do in your downtime. Stopovers will give you chance to explore your destinations of choice as well.

Flight attendant

2. Truck Driver

Ahhh.. the open road. Is there anything more full of opportunity than miles of asphalt laid out before you? Being a truck driver is the ultimate road trip-with pay. This will require you to have a commercial trucking license, but it also lets you experience miles of scenic road and the chance to stop at points of interests, big towns and small when you deliver your cargo.

Truck Driver
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