World’s Top 10 Snorkeling Destinations

World’s Top 10 Snorkeling Destinations

One of the most enjoyable ways to spend a vacation is snorkeling. It allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of the water and all of the undersea life. It is an amazing way to spend some time, and the workout it provides helps travelers to avoid putting on any weight while they are on vacation. Here is a guide for travelers to the top ten places for snorkeling around the world.

1. Norman Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is widely considered to be the ultimate snorkeling destination in the world. Norman Reef is perhaps the most spectacular part of the entire expanse of the Great Barrier Reef. It is full of the most beautiful tropical fish as well as giant clams.

Norman Reef Australia

2. Seychelles Islands

These 100 islands that lie off the coast of Kenya are full of some of the most fabulous snorkeling spots on the planet. The coral reefs in this area are very full of marine life, and they are absolutely gorgeous as well. The best way to explore the Seychelles Islands is to rent a boat and hire a guide to take you to all of the best snorkeling spots around the island.

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