World’s 9 Most Dangerous Mountains for Rock Climbers

World’s 9 Most Dangerous Mountains for Rock Climbers

Although rock climbing accidents can happen even on small gentle hillsides, there are a number of rock climbing destinations worldwide that are known for being dangerous. Climbers looking for a real challenge are drawn to these destinations year after year, despite or perhaps because of these dangers. Read on to learn about the nine most dangerous rock climbs in the world.

1. El Capitan

Standing more the 3,000 feet tall, the sheer vertical cliff face of El Capitan is without a doubt the most challenging rock climb in the world. Even the most experienced climbers using ropes and pitons take four or five days to reach the top, and they have to sleep in hammocks hung from pitons in the cliff face. Those looking for the ultimate challenge ascend the cliff with nothing more than their hands and feet.
El Capitan

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