World’s 6 Strangest Animals (And Where to Find Them)

World’s 6 Strangest Animals (And Where to Find Them)

Animal diversity on planet Earth is truly amazing. Aside from domesticated pets, however, the most-commonly thought of creatures are typically those known for their size, speed, or fierceness. There is another category, however, of mostly unknown animals whose sole commonality is simply their strangeness. Although beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, the uniqueness of these creatures is difficult to argue. Since people travel the world to taste bizarre foods and experience exotic climates, why not arrange an itinerary around the world’s 7 strangest animals in their natural habitat?

1. Sloth

The sloth is the only animal to have one of the Seven Deadly Sins named after it. While there are several members of the sloth family, as a whole, the species are known for being lazy and excruciatingly slow. To quote the 1997 Encyclopedia of Mammals, “[the sloth’s] top speed is a dismal 1.2 mph.” Aside from a lack of speed, these animals also have faces that seem to be permanently contorted into a silly grin. The majority of sloths can be found in Central and South American jungles, particularly Ecuador and Costa Rica.


2. Aye Aye/Lemur Monkey

While the sloth may have a perpetual grin, the nocturnal aye-aye has a permanent look of shock. In addition, this member of the lemur family possesses exceptionally long and spindly fingers, with which it forages for insects nested away in the tree trunks. The cartoonish aye-aye can be only be found in Madagascar, the massive island off the eastern coast of Africa, known for its unique ecosystem.

Aye Aye : Lemur Monkeys
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