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World’s 15 Most Bizarre Buildings

There’s classic, colonial, modern and even gothic…and then there’s the just plain bizarre. Yes buildings take on many shapes and forms and those that design them sometimes strive to reach a level of uniqueness not seen anywhere else. Constantly pushing the limits of design, a building is only constrained by the imagination. A unique building can really put a town on the map, making it a hot spot for eager tourists and photographers alike -not to mention inspiring countless postcards and tourist trinkets. Once you see this list we think you’ll agree that the architects behind these buildings were definitely not short on imagination. Here are 15 of the most bizarre building in the world:

15. Lloyd’s Building -London, England

Located in the heart of England in London’s financial district is the Lloyd’s building which is the home and main office of the Lloyd’s of London insurance company. The building is sometimes referred to as the ‘inside-out building’ because of its unique design where the building services (ducts, elevators, etc) are located outside the building in order to maximize space on the inside.

The building was completed in 1986 after the original Lloyd’s building on the same site was demolished to make way for a newly designed mega-structure. The design was done by British architect Richard Rogers whose concept of space maximization led to the inside out design and industrial look. This steel and glass structure looks like it could have been designed for the scene of a futuristic sci-fi movie.

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